For my graduation project from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, I chose to develop a new visual identity for the Danish Alzheimer’s Association and its sub initiatives. It’s an organisation that focuses on research in dementias as well as on care and the creation of communities for people affected by dementia.

Through an in depth analysis of the association and its target group it was clear that care, awareness, and empowerment plays a key role in what the association is doing and therefore should be reflected in the overall brand strategy and graphic material coming from them. In order to facilitate this, the visual identity bears a deep focus on the people, who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, on the stories of these people, and on a showdown with the taboo surrounding dementia.

Telling the stories of people affected by dementia is at the core of the brand strategy, and thus designing a typeface from the bottom up reflecting the issues surrounding Alzheimer’s disease was an obvious path to go down. And by doing this, a graphical element is also already given and built into the system. All in all the solution creates an emotional impact that is at the same time sober and hard hitting and can serve as a contributor to the debate on the topic.
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